Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Gift

In a near future where sexual assignment surgery is accepted and embraced a young and foolish couple exchange Christmas gifts. 

Jim's lips parted from those of his lover. The taste of whose lips were as sweet as an apple and as smooth as silk.
Tomorrow would be Christmas and Jim had arranged the most wonderful gift.
For months he and Dell had talked about starting a family. There was no problem with that of course, in today's enlightened society the company of two men sharing each other's life and raising children was no longer considered indecent.
It was enjoyed and accepted by the community.
But Dell and he had thought it best if the children be raised by a mother. The financial hardships of the past few years had forced them to cut back. The financial downturn making the usual sexual reassignment surgery so many friends had undergone just five years ago now a luxury.
Oh, it was fine to have a surrogate or even to adopt a child, to share your life with a child who needed and accepted your unlimited love. But still, as old-fashioned as it seemed, to have a mother and a father loving a child was considered by many the height of current fashion and good parenting.
Dell and Jim had talked long into the nights, after their passion had been satisfied, about how they would parent children and had even proposed names for children.
What schools would they attend, what sports would they play, who would pick them up, drive them about and play catch with them?
Dell's body glistened in the moonlight of the bed on those nights, an ebony to contrast with Jim's ivory skin. Jim fantasized about and wondered about Dell penetrating him and their genetics bonding together, forming a new life.
But it had gone up in smoke as the real estate market had crashed, followed by collapse of the financial market.
He and Dell had hung on, grimly going to work and surviving the layoffs, the redundancies and 'right-sizings' as their earnings shrunk.
And tomorrow, it would be Christmas.
Jim had talked to the accountant about the foolishness of cashing in his retirement for a life gift to Dell. There would be chaos financially, but he knew there would be happiness too as little feet crossed the floor and diapers were changed and children grew, visible demonstrations of the love and commitment of Jim and Dell.
So it had been arranged that later this morning Jim would cash-in his retirement account and undergo the surgery to become a wife for Dell to impregnate.
Jim had already been to the Macy's and had picked out the perfect outfit, of course Jim would need an entire wardrobe due to the sex change. Hence there would not just be the medical surgery but also the practical results of the reassignment and months of credit card payments too.
Jim thought about high heels, it had been years since Jim had been a women, he hoped he could still master the art of balance that dancing required.
Dell was a wonderful dancer. Jim looked forward to following Dell's lead.
Parting from Dell at the subway, Jim found his way to the Uptown offices of Dr. Young.
You won't be able to reverse again for 24 months Jim,” Dr. Young's assistant Sofie noted. “We've made advances in sexual reassignment, but there is still a need for the body to heal itself.”
Jim smiled and winked. “I'm planning on staying a woman for a long time Sofie.”
Jim nodded as Sophie talked about how the procedure reduced the chances for future successful sexual selection, fertilization and increased risks of illness. It was all okay. On Dell's shoulders She would face the world.
With a tired practised patience the procedure started. As Jim fell asleep He wondered for the last time what the look would be on Dell's face when She kissed him welcome that night.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I just heard something that was wrong on so many levels today it has me furious.

The National Rifle Association has intervened so the Center for Disease Control is unable to track how many of our children have been killed by gun shots.

That's right they are a lobby so powerful they have stopped the flow if information. Our children are dying every day to gun violence and we can't study the stats. May God Damn them.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Since Jamie joined Ginger, Princess and Soccer Jerry has been pretty quiet. He has taken to sleeping curled up in a ball at my feet under my desk, he's sneezing and his eyes water at times. I'm hoping it's allergies as cat's get them too and he will be better soon. Anyway it's past time I told of how Target became Jerry Garcia.

I found Target (Jerry's original name) at the Tonawanda SPCA he was in a group of cages of animals on the "short list" he was 6 months old and was a mess. No whiskers and a coat that looked well, like a cat had dragged it in. As I walked by he stuck a paw out and grabbed me, I stopped and opened the cage, it took 10 seconds we were a match and he went home with me. In a couple of months the little guy became the long whiskered fluffy cat we know today, it is wonderful what love and good nutrition will do. We called him Target as he was a moving target for the two older cats we had at the time. When Jamie appeared on our doorstep he and Target bonded like litter mates and they were inseparable.

Two years later my first husband and I separated in all of our painful decisions in the divorce dealing with our cats was easy, the two oldest were closer to Sam the younger pair to me. Target and Jamie went with me in our new life on our own.

By this time Target had discovered catnip, oh had he discovered the stuff, he was totally addicted. A girlfriend Linda would bring him fresh from her garden and he would meet her at the door and dance at her feet for the stuff. Sometimes he would sneak out on my patio and run off on my landlords 2nd floor roof leaping along it's gables. He would never come back, my puddy was gone for hours. One night Linda got the idea to wave a sprig of cat nip at him, he saw his drug and he came running back home. That was the night he was christened Jerry Garcia my little catnip lover and abuser.

When the time came for my cats to meet Patrick, Jamie took to him quickly, Jerry took a little time. Every time Patrick visited me in Buffalo Jerry greeted him by fluffing himself out in an effort to protect me then he would hide under the couch for a couple of days,my hero. Eventually Jerry decided this strange man was ok and accepted him.

The journey to Chicago went well Jerry true to form was put into his large carrier with a generous portion of catnip and nodded and grooved his way to Chicago and his new life as a city cat. He quickly became a fixture in the front window and learned to climb out on to the porch roof. For the last 12 years the garden has produced a succession of high quality organic catnip for my little guy and he bogarts every sprig that comes into the house. Not bad for an old man of 17 years!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Since we said good-by to Jamie two week s ago I have had repeated requests for this story, so here it is.

Jamie and how he became the Enterprise Kitty, going bravely where no cat had gone before him!

It was December 26th and we had a plumbing emergency, the one toilet in the house was not working due to of all things a faulty bathroom floor. Our friend Bob our usual carpenter bless him came over right away and started to work. Since we had no working bathroom Bob told us to simply go out and enjoy the day and return about 4:00 when he would have a bathroom floor in and a working toilet. I moved the cats water and litter box out of the bathroom and since Bob was a cat owner himself everything would be OK.

We returned at 4:00 bathroom floor done, toilet working everything perfect or so we thought. The gray cat Gerry Garcia came out looking for attention right away. It was probably 10 minutes later when we heard the muffled wheezing coming from UNDER Ceili's bedroom floor. Patrick and I had the same thought at the same time, could Jamie have crawled from the plumbing access by the tub past the bathroom, under the hall and to Ceili's bedroom? A quick line up of the access point and the wheezing told the story. The Smoo had crawled in under the tub and followed a rafter and now was wheezing from breathing 100 year old dust all day. Could he get out? Would he get out? I melted down, ready to get out a saw and rip up the floor right then and there. Thank God Patrick's calmer head prevailed. He simply placed a electric candle at the plumbing access and a bowl of his favorite cat food next to it. Then explained to me that our little chow hound of a cat would head for the light and food.

It didn't take 10 minutes, out popped his little head like a prairie dog looking out of a hole. It took two or three "pops" but I was able to grab him and pull him out, struggling all the way. Once out I closed that access forever!

Jamie had run into Ceili's bedroom and she began squealing that he was "all black". Time to bathe the pussy cat! It took the two of us about a half hour to get a hundred years of dust and mold and God knows what off of that puddy. When we were done the tub had a dark brown ring around it. When John Jameson emerged from the bathroom for the second time it was with his new nickname "The Enterprise Kitty" and a great story. It took him about a month to stop hanging out at the plumbing access, I don't know what he did all day under the floor but he must of had a good time!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Friday morning again and It's been quite a week at Casa Verde. Our middle cat Jamie had to be put to sleep on Monday, it was a quick decision in the end, he was blind, nearly deaf and incontinent and down to skin and bones. The vet was amazing, she and the tech were crying along with us as he left us, Jamie will be missed. The little guy taught me so much during his life, lessons about forgiveness, survival and love. He was a cat that came to me starved, abused and sick and with love and patience became the most affectionate and loving of companions. I kept a photo of him on my desk at work for years to help me deal with difficult students, to remind me anything was possible with love and patience, we all should have such legacies.

Three weeks ago my niece Kathy had a motor cycle accident fracturing her skull. She was in and out of the hospital in record time and seemed well on the road to recovery, her biggest problem seemed to be that she was forbidden to ride the damn bike for the foreseeable future. That ended this week, Kathy had to tell us that what had appeared to be blood on the two initial CT scans after the accident were now thought to be brain tumors and oh yes, the fractures were worse than first believed. Wednesday she had two MRIs and has yet to fill us in on the results. She is a big girl with a great husband, Mark. All we can do is pray right now, it is tough to feel so helpless knowing what Kathy and Mark are going through. It was just a year ago Patrick and I were in a similar place in the midst of trying to figure out if I had cancer. It's a tornado for a marriage and I hope they come through it stronger and appreciating each other more as we did.

Last week was the Blackhawks Prospect Camp. It was a banner week for Patrick work wise, he was able to pitch and sell pieces to several papers on their home town boys. He would come home from camp hand me the camera and I would photo edit while he would nap or gather his thoughts to write. Friday I was able to go to camp with him as summer school is closed every Friday. A friend from Rockford that I was looking forward to seeing was missing, it seemed very strange. Then as Patrick and I were about to start an interview of a player from Belfast a text message came through. Our friend Mike had collapsed while interviewing a player the day before and was in a coma in a near buy hospital. Suddenly the interview we had worked so hard to get didn't seem so important . Well, Mike is out of the coma and is awaiting surgery to correct a cardiac problem, by all reports the prognosis seems good although I have heard nothing "official". Still I'm embracing this as good news.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a mental health day, Kim her husband Ron and I are going to a Renaissance fair to play for a day. Patrick not a ren faire lover is going to sleep late and do whatever he wants on his own. For me it's a chance to get away from reality and relax, dear God I'm looking forward to it. There is one more week of school left in my very enjoyable assignment but this year more than most I'm looking forward to vacation .

Friday, July 03, 2009

It's early on a Friday and I'm putting off going up to the attic to go through all of our Christmas stuff. But this has been om my mind all week and I need to write about it or them so to speak.

We have 5 pets, two stunning crown betas Boris Valbik and Furry who rule the kitchen counter and three cats who have the rest of the house. Jerry Garcia 17 years old, John Jamison 15 years old and Peyton Manning the baby and rodeo clown of the house at 3 years old. All three are rescues,nurtured males and declawed. Peyton, God bless him is a happy go lucky normal healthy cat and we love him to pieces. His Uncles Jamie and Jerry are facing the challenges of their old age head on with a cats passive dignity.

Jerry, has a bad heart, three years ago the vet told me he had a few months to live and he needed to have aggressive IV fluid therapy every few weeks. No, he plays, eats, drinks and poops like a normal cat, so no needles for him. His problem is that he seems to miss the litter box occasionally when he pees. That fluffy tail just won't fit in the box. It is more of an irritation at this point but if it becomes a daily event it WILL end up in a one way trip to the vet.

Jamers, our little old man. A cancer survivor of 4 years this once the fat cat is now skin and bones due to thyroid problems. Still he eats, plays a bit and all you have to do is look at him and he purrs like a jack hammer. His problem is he has chronic diarrhoea. We give him Kayopectate twice a day and it helps but does not take care of it all. His biggest problem is that this week he decided to use the hall closet as a litter box.

I came home at noon on Wednesday and was hit by a smell that could only be described as a large dirty wet dog. By 6:00 pm I had shampooed all the rugs, Jamie and Jerry and finally found the offending matter, the house smelled like it's self again. Like his brother as much as we love Jamie we can't allow him to destroy the house and teach Peyton bad habits. It would be so much easier if they would cross that bridge on their own and we would find them in curled up together in the morning. Somehow I don't think that is going to happen and we are going to have to make a decision soon. Patrick is being a saint about the old guys but we are on the same page here. Sad to say I don't think Jamie, possibly Jerry will see the snow fly, we will have to love them now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

On 6/14, Saturday, NASA postponed the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. A leak had developed. It was similar to a leak in another shuttle two months earlier. Over the weekend: the space agency rescheduled the launch for Wednesday at 5:40 AM. On Monday afternoon my daughter, C’, her friend RR and I decided to try to see the launch. It was about 1,200 miles, and had to be completed in a hard drive through the early Southern summer.
We left RR’s house at about 5:15 AM on Tuesday (that would be Central Time) the flight was about 23 hours away. Here is a record of some of our observations as recorded to friends through text messaging and FaceBook (FB) postings. It’s a bit of cyber stalking and sharing at the same time. I know it’ll be difficult to follow some of the conversations. RT is Reply to. FB is FaceBook. Mess is a message.
C’ 6/15 2:17 PM: FB Thinking of going somewhere...maybe... Soon I guess. Would not mind company.
RR 6/15 2:22 PM: FB RT C’ I hate being poor as fuck but I would like to join you if possible?
Nate 6/15 3:03 PM: FB RT C’ I am busy soon, but I may be up for something later. Hope you find something cheep to unboardafy you. :)
C’ 6/15 3:12 PM: FB RT C’ Wait RR didn't I just ask you if you wanted to come and you said no, you wanted to be lazy? If we do something latter Nate'll update Facebook.
Nate 6/15 3:13 PM: FB RT C’ K
RR 6/15 3:14 PM: FB RT C’ Noooo okay you said you wanted to do something "right now", but when I read "soon" I thought you meant much later in the day. Plus I have a slight cold and took medicine, which made me super tired even though it's non-drowsy. So like, the idea of getting out of bed right now is like AUGH
Ben 6/15 3:27 PM: FB RT C’ So yes, I'd be up for something as well. As I said, I'm probably going to end up at that crazy comic store again, and if we want to make it into a thing, I'd be alright with that. Of course, I'm not sure anyone else would buy anything...
C’ 6/15 3:35 PM: FB RT C’ I wouldn't... But I do like spending time with you people so I'd be cool with it. Also RR "soon" doesn't mean "much latter in the day." but I guess it’s all kind of beside the point as it looks like we are doing something latter anyway.
PB 6/15 4:14 PM FB RT C’ Is this about the road trip I suggested? Are you being coy about where I suggested we go on purpose? Should I take the extra luggage thing off the top of the van or not?
Nate 6/15 4:24 PM FB RT C’ Oh, now I get the rental car thing.
Pb 6/15 4:24 PM: Tx RT C’ Hey! Did you see my idea for going to Florida? 
C’ 6/15 4:25 PM: RT Pb Yes I did. When did you want to go?
Pb 6/15 4:26 PM: RT C’ Within two days. It’s sort of up to NASA.
C’ 6/15 4:26 PM: RT Pb Yeah! Alright. I’ll go.
Pb 6/15 4:27 PM: RT C’ More drivers would be good. How many friends are really interested?
C’ 6/15 4:30 PM: RT Pb Well I know that two of my friends are already committed t work so they couldn’t come and Father’s Day is coming up… I don’t know.
C’ 6/15 4:39 PM: FB RT Pb No Dad, this is about me going somewhere (else) today. But I guess it works for Florida too. Hey anyone want to go to Florida? Oh, and Nat this trip has nothing what so ever to do with the car rental thing.
RR 6/15 4:40 PM FB RT C’ Why does your dad want you to go to Florida?
C’ 6/15 4:40 PM RT Pb Oh and I guess we should see how much luggage there is first.
C’ 6/15 4:47 PM: FB RT RR Oh it isn't just my dad that wants me to go to Florida. And as for why. Well there is a shuttle launch to watch and oh yeah IT'S FLORIDA! Who doesn't want to go to Florida?
C’ 6/15 6:35 PM: FB Getting ready to go to Florida. Some fun in the sun.
RR 6/15 6:38 PM: FB RT C’ Wait so you are legit going to Florida?
C’ 6/15 7:04 PM: FB RT RR Yes. Want to come? Except your meals I think everything else is paid for.
RR 6/15 7:04 PM FB RT C’ What? Really? When are you going and for how long?
C’ 6/15 7:55 PM: FB RT RR Well... Unfortunately this is very last minuet so... Tomorrow I guess is when we go and we will not be more than a week. If you have something planned we can be back in time for it.
Pb 6/16 5:18 AM: Mess to C’ Hey!
C’ 6/16 5:31 AM: RT Pb Hey. I forgot to ask, are you taking a crappy computer to play DVDs and stuff or not?
Pb 6/16 9:35 AM: Mess to JDR We’re at Crawfordsville, IN. It’s about 212 miles miles south (of Chicago) and north of Indianapolis. C’ is driving and RR is asleep in the back. I just realized we forgot the binoculars. :-p
Pb 6/16 10:46 AM: Mess to Matt C’, a friend of hers and I are in a dash through this weather too Florida to see the space shuttle launch pre-dawn on Wednesday. :-p
Matt 6/16 10:08 AM: RT Pb Cool, man!
JR 6/16 11:24 AM: RT Pb Does she snore?
Pb 6/16 11:25 AM: RT JDR No. And when she wakes up I’m telling her you asked >
JR 6/16 11:25 AM: RT Pb LOL
JR 6/16 11:23 AM: RT Pb Where are you? :_/?
Pb 6/16 11:23 AM: RT JDR Near Louisville, KY. Looks like there is a tie-up entering KY. Must be some cousins fighting. :-O
Pb 6/16 11:41 AM: Mess JDR Most unfortunate name for a hamburger: Whizz’s Whizzburger!:-&
Pb 6/16 11:59 AM: Mess JDR I like this road: Churchill Downs, Kentucky Bourbon Trail:-D
JR 6/16 12:02 PM: RT Pb Very cool! I just made points with the principal
Pb 6/16 1:17 PM: Mess JDR Sign on highway asks: “If you died right now, where would you spend eternity?” I’m thinking it would be Kentucky>
Pb 6/16 1:31 PM: Mess JDR Mammoth Caves. Ninety miles to Nashville.
JR 6/16 1:46 PM: RT Pb You are such a heathen.
Pb 6/16 2:15 PM: Mess JDR Tennessee
Pb 6/16 2:25 PM: Mess JDR They are singing Disney Tunes
Pb 6/16 2:25 PM: RT Pb Where are you? :_/?
Pb 6/16 2:27 PM: RT JDR Tennessee
JR 6/16 2:31 PM: RT Pb I’m at the grocery buying 10 frozen entries and you’re on vacation… I think I got the fuzzy end of the popsicle. LOL
Pb 6/16 2:32 PM: RT JDR :-D
JR 6/16 5:24 PM: RT Pb The rain has stopped here, is it sunny there? Where are you? :_/?
Pb 6/16 6:08 PM: RT JDR 88 degrees. The air conditioning is struggling. RR says you’d know what a garbage tree is? It’s something you eat? :_/?
JR 6/16 6:08 PM: RT Pb No clue :-D
Pb 6/16 6:28 PM: Mess JDR Atlanta, C’ seems to want to drive :->
JR 6/16 6:29 PM: RT Pb Vroomvroom!
Pb 6/16 6:30 PM: RT JDR Yeah? Bare knuckles for me :-O
JR 6/16 6:31 PM: RT Pb You asked for it baby
JR 6/16 6:32 PM: Mess Pb It’s pouring, but no thunder boomers yet
Pb 6/16 6:34 PM: RT JDR The only place it rained on us was in Central Indiana. Real muggy right now.
Pb 6/16 6:54 PM: RT JDR We lost about 45 minutes to traffic in Atlanta. 
JR 6/16 6:56 PM: RT Pb If that is all you have lost you are pretty far ahead. It is really coming down right now…
Pb 6/16 7:17 PM: RT JDR Despite Atlanta we’re averaging 62.2 miles per hour with stops. 
JR 6/16 7:17 PM: RT Pb Little girls have big bladders. Better yet with their high IQs you don’t have to stop for air to pump up their little heads > :-D
Pb 6/16 7:18 PM: RT JDR Yep! We couldn’t keep this pace with you. Too many stops (
JR 6/16 7:19 PM: RT Pb Bastard :-X
RR 6/15 10:43 PM: FB going to Florida with C’ for a week-ish. Very spur of the moment
Erica 6/15 10:51 PM: FB RT RR Spur of the moment trips are the best :)
Pb 6/16 8:06 PM: Mess JDR Okay. We stopped at a Stuckey’s and bought some junk for you :O)
JR 6/16 8:07 PM: RT Pb Noproblemo. Citizen Kane on TV. Popcorn for dinner! Awww, kitsch. You love me! :-X :-X
Pb 6/16 8:41 PM: RT JDR Enjoy. It is sunset here.
JR 6/16 8:44 PM: RT Pb Soggy here
Pb 6/16 9:04 PM: Mess JDR We keep passing this hitchhiker. I think I should pick him up. What do you think? :-O
JR 6/16 9:06 PM: RT Pb I don’t think so, not with my daughter and RR in the car. LOL
JR 6/16 10:08 PM: RT Pb Stay safe travelers, I’m off to bed. Love to you all. :-X
Pb 6/16 10:08 PM: RT JDR Love you :-X
Pb 6/17 12:52 AM: Mess JDR Well we’re in Florida. C’ is driving. The road is detouring and we’re a bit lost. Oh well… It’s a peninsula. Right? :-?
Pb 6/17 1:15 AM: Mess JDR Good job C’. She and RR navigated the detour through Jacksonville without me. There was an accident (in the car). C’ took a turn too fast and the ice chest flipped, spilling water on the Mac and the floor. Water spilt onto the Mac and the floor. The Mac seems to be okay. My feet are wet (that’s what woke me up). I’m not sure what else is down there (there are power cords to the two small fans on the floor). There is a storm to the West and the Atlantic Ocean is a few miles east of us. It is about 1.20 AM and we’re about 90 minutes from the Cape. :-p
NASA 6/17 2:11 AM: News release STS mission postponed till July 11.
Pb 6/17 2:22 AM: Mess JDR We’re passing Daytona. That’s about 20 miles from Tittusville, where we plan to watch the launch. We just want to be there. C’ and RR break the tension by singing YMCA along with the MP3. 
RR 6/17 3:30 PM: FB Updating from C' swank phone. Florida is neat.
Pb 6/17 3:36 AM: 3:30 AM. Mess JDR We’re here. We can see the shuttle across the water. It is such a small town that nothing is open. We sleep (in the car) and wait. 1,291 miles since 4:15 AM yesterday. That’s an average speed of 58 miles per hour :->
Pb 6/17 3:51 AM: Mess JDR This isn’t good. People are leaving the parking lot and discussing July 11. 
Pb 6/17 3:56 AM: Mess JDR NASA updated the web site at 2:11 AM. The launch has been postponed. 
Robin 6/17 4:13 PM: FB RT RR Y r u in Florida?
JDR 6/17 8:29 AM: RT Pb Is there an Atlas launch this week?
Pb 6/17 9:16 AM: RT JDR Yes. There is an Atlas launch tomorrow about 5:30 PM. We’re in Bonita Springs. The house and pool appear to be in good condition. We were so tired leaving the Kennedy Space Center, but we wanted to get too bed! That’s why we didn’t answer your earlier message. I think I’m hungry but I need to relax first :-<
JR 6/17 9:31 AM: RT Pb I figured you were snoozing.
Pb 6/17 9:33 AM: RT JDR Shower, laundry and a small meal. Hopefully a nap. I’m really buzzed because I had to have some coffee to finish the drive.
Matt 6/17 11:46 AM: Mess Pb Launch was scuttled! Where are you?
Pb 6/17 5:51 PM: RT Matt Oh god were we tired! I should copy all the post from the trip to Facebook. We ended up at the beach in Tittusville at 3:30 AM. Twenty minutes later people began leaving the park. I knew that wasn’t good. The launch was scrubbed about 2:10 AM. We were really tired and I was the only one with enough left to drive. We wanted to beat the rush hour in Orlando and Tampa, go to my house in Bonita Springs. We had to keep stopping (on the drive from Tittusville to Bonita Springs) so I could wake up again. We got here (Bonita Springs) about 9 AM. There’s another launch about 5:30 PM of an Atlas. The girls want to go to Orlando (Disney Land). 
C’ 6/17 5:50 PM: FB In florida. Just captured a lizzard.
Vlad 6/17 5:55 PM: FB RT C’ Eat it!
C’ 6/17 6:02 PM: FB RT Vlad Nooo! We want to name it.
Kay 6/17 7:04 PM: FB RT C’ Call it George.
Vlad 6/17 7:40 PM: FB RT C’ Yoshi. Name it Yoshi.
JDR 6/17 7:48 PM: Mess Pb I went to the tea store, got everything but my orange blossom tea.
C’ 6/17 9:44 PM: FB RT Vlad We named him Gar.
Pb 6/17 8:09 PM: Mess JDR This is a most unfortunate business name: Master Bait & Tackle. :o)
JDR 6/17 8:09 PM: RT Pb LOL
Pb 6/17 8:12 PM: Mess JDR We’re at Doc’s Beach House on the Gulf beach, watching the sun set. :-“>
JDR 6/17 8:13 PM: RT Pb I’m photo editing
Pb 6/17 8:44 PM: RT JDR C’ is having the seafood basket (a mix), RR is having grilled chicken (originally I’d texted that it was the grilled cheese). I’m doing the swordfish. Also some crab cakes so RR can try them. :-D
JDR 6/17 9:24 PM: RT Pb RR needs to kick off her wing tips. Or is she keeping kosher?
JDR 6/17 9:43 PM: Mess Pb Heading to the sack!
Pb 6/17 9:44 PM: RT JDR RR and C’ are playing with their DS. Meanwhile one of the locals is showing off her girlfriends. :-O Hey! Love you. Good night. :-X
Pb 6/17 9:57 PM: RT JDR I don’t think they’re natural either. :-O )
Pb 6/17 10:42 PM: RT JDR I asked the waitress on the way out. She said that she didn’t think they were real either and noted that I missed the fact that she wasn’t wearing any undies (so you had a full crack view from the rear too) :-O So a full show, front and back :-O
Pb 6/17 10:45 PM: Mess JDR There’s a big storm over the Gulf. The lightning is amazing. :-/)
Pb 6/17 10:52 PM: Mess JDR I think a swim in the pool before bed?
JDR 6/17 10:55 PM: RT Pb Go for it, love you. Good night. :-X
Kay 6/18 6:05 AM: FB RT C’ Gar looks like a nice lizard!
Pb 6/18 9:30 AM: Mess JDR Did C’ post the pictures of RR and her with the lizard? They were like two kids with their first firefly. 
Pb 6/18 9:33 AM: Mess JDR Lots of storms this morning in the Midwest. Isolated storms here expected late this afternoon. The morning is cloud free. I want to take two or three days to travel north and I want to be home by Wednesday. C’ and RR stayed up late. They didn’t say anything to me about today’s plans.
Pb 6/18 9:36 AM: Mess JDR We took the Boat out for a spin last night. Oh god! That thing is a beast.
C’ 6/18 9:41 AM: FB RT Kay Best lizard ever!
Pb 6/18 10:42 AM: Mess JDR The clamshell (on top of the car) is melting! :-<
JR 6/18 10:43 AM: RT Pb ?
Pb 6/18 11:54 AM: RT JDR The heat is causing the clamshell on top of the car to melt. It is losing it’s ability to stay open because it’s melting. :-O
Pb 6/18 12:33 PM: RT C’ They said it will be an hour (to charge the air conditioning) 
C’ 6/18 12:34 PM: RT Pb Ok. So… Should we wait for you?
Pb 6/18 12:42 PM: RT C’ Umm… Are you going to the beach? Go ahead and go. Take the boat, but remember you’re not insured.  Parking costs about $1 per hour.
C’ 6/18 12:43 PM: RT Pb Is it not illegal to drive uninsured?
Pb 6/18 12:44 PM: RT C’ Yes. Live a little dangerously.
Pb 6/18 12:47 PM: Mess JDR I’m having the A/C recharged (on the car). C’ and RR are headed to the beach. C’ is worried because she isn’t insured (to drive the boat). Also this morning she was offered a job by the NSLS for $10 per hour.
Nate 6/18 1:05 PM FB RT C’ Are you going to keep it? you will have to be careful about the cats.
C’ 6/18 1:20 PM: Mess Pb We are still at the house. You might as well come back for us.
Pb 6/18 1:56 PM: Mess Ron C', 1 of her friends & I tried 2 make t Space Shuttle launch. 1300 miles in ~ 22 hours of driving. We got here w/2 hrs 2 spare. But NASA cancelled t launch. Now 3 of t world's whitest people on earth R @ t beach in FLA>:-)
Pb 6/18 2:27 PM: Mess JDR The hunt for clip-on shades has grown serious. Why don’t truck stops stock my size? :-<
Pb 6/18 2:28 PM: Mess JDR RR’s mom called. Left a message about the Space Shuttle (not launching). I know. I know… 
C’ 6/18 2:44 PM: Mess to Pb We got the tickets but RR is still online. I think we want lunch. Any ideas?
Pb 6/18 2:46 PM: RT JDR RR is searching for the perfect Waffle House restaurant. C’ is counting adult-themed billboards. And today three of the whitest people on Earth are at the beach. :-/)
Pb 6/18 2:46 PM: RT C’ I’ve eaten part of the pizza here. The ice cream place at 8th and Vanderbilt is good. Yelp likes a Table Apart on Bonita Beach. Or just try somewhere. Ask the librarian.
JDR 6/18 3:04 PM: RT Pb Holly says if she was there she would be eating seafood and drinking. Bring her back some “funky honey from your funky honey.”
Pb 6/18 3:07 PM: RT JDR Did you tell Holly about the girl last night? Every time I come here I see lot’s and lots of girl skin :-D
Pb 6/18 3:08 PM: RT JDR I’m afraid to ask, what is funky honey?
C’ 6/18 3:10 PM: RT Pb Now we’re back… So I guess we can talk about it in person.
JDR 6/18 3:35 PM: RT Pb Something unusual, not ordinary honey.
JDR 6/18 3:37 PM: RT Pb Holly wonders if you look like a Canadian flag, all white and red
Pb 6/18 3:38 PM: RT JDR Well I could let my imagination run wild on that choice of words. :-&
C’ 6/18 3:53 PM: FB RT Nate No we let Gar go.
Pb 6/18 4:00 PM: Mess JDR Do you remember our visit to the beach in Goderich the first time? It was night. You were out beyond me. But my boys didn’t like the temperature, so I stayed at upper thigh depth.
JDR 6/18 4:00 PM: RT Pb Yes.
Pb 6/18 4:04 PM: RT JDR You asked what I was doing? I said I was Groking the event. I’m doing it again. It is so cool to share this with you. The sound of the ocean is so loud.  :-X
Pb 6/18 4:07 PM: RT JDR The two girls are about 100 yards down shore. There’s a good wind coming off the Gulf. There’s a light sprinkle here, no lightning. But storms are inland. I’m just really enjoying the moment. 
Nate 6/18 4:10 PM FB RT C’ Okay
Pb 6/18 4:55 PM: Mess JDR Atlas launch in 20 minutes. We’ll (watch) the launch from the beach.
C’ 6/18 4:55 PM: FB Turtle power dude.
Pb 6/18 5:13 PM: Mess JDR So, sitting on the beach in Bonita Springs waiting for a streak against the sky. Lonely and yet connected.
JDR 6/18 5:14 PM: RT Pb I just grabbed a sandwich. They have the worst food here. I wish I could see it.
Pb 6/18 5:22 PM: RT JDR Me too.  Two more launch opportunities in the next 20 minutes. Let’s see what happens.
Pb 6/18 5:27 PM: Mess JDR Thunder. Time to leave the beach.
Pb 6/18 5:33 PM: Mess JDR Well, it may have scrubbed or it may have fired NorthEast. There’s a big thunderhead that way. It could be blocking my line of sight. 
Pb 6/18 6:39 PM: Mess JDR C’ and RR say I was badly burned at the beach: neck and arms; particularly the neck. Any ideas on saving my neck? :-?
JDR: 6/18 6:47 PM: RT Pb Holly says (next) time remember the sunscreen retardo.
Pb 6/18 6:51 PM: RT JDR Thank you Holly. My daughter agrees it was retarded.
JDR 6/18 7:15 PM: RT Pb You are going to be a mess in the morning Booboo.
JDR 6/18 7:22 PM: Mess to Pb Holly is feeling better, she just told me to fuck myself.
Pb 6/18 7:23 PM: RT JDR LOL
JDR 6/18 8:58 PM: FB Somebody went down to Florida and got his red-headed self all sunburned! Wonder who that could be?
Pb 6/19 8:27 AM: RT JDR There’s no pain or discomfort this morning. My face and arms are really red. I think we’re going to the beach again today.
JDR 6/19 8:29 AM: RT Pb Wear a hat and sleeves with sun screens Red.
Pb 6/19 8:31 PM: RT JDR I never took the hat off yesterday. Legs are still white 
Pb 6/19 9:00 AM: RT JDR C’ has a headache from the sun yesterday. Any ideas?
Pb 6/19 11:06 AM: Mess JDR It appears we are spending the day at the bungalow. Disney and Universal cost about $75 each day. :-o( The girls wanted to go jetskiing but realize it’s either/or, not both. I proposed to them that we leave here early to get to the park when it opens. Afternoon storms will start at about the time we want to leave. Then we drive to St. Augustine. We can stay in a hostel there. Drive from there North 
Pb 6/19 11:46 AM: Mess JDR We should start a new game: Where in the USA is Helen?
JDR 6/19 11:49 AM: RT Pb New York?
Pb 6/19 11:56 AM: RT JDR Who knows? ;) The two girls both dressed in sun dresses. I’ll have to take a picture. They are out shopping. I’m home alone :-o) The front of my legs are now showing signs of a burn. It’s weird.
RR 6/19 1:01 PM: FB RT Robin I'm in Florida because C’ asked me to come along. Having no job or responsibilities allows me to disappear for weeks at a time with not a care in the world.
RR 6/19 1:03 PM: FB RT C’ SEA TURTLES! er tortoises.
C’ 6/19 1:12 PM: FB RT RR Watch him crawl away... angry.
C’ 6/19 11:27 AM: FB Bla, why is Disney world so costly?!
Pb 6/19 11:29 AM: FB RT C’ Because there are people like you who will pay for it. Is there a student discount? Just buy the tickets and enjoy it. You'll never be able to enjoy it with RR again. But the memories of this trip will stay with you forever.
C’ 6/19 11:33 AM: FB RT Pb yeah yeah I guess.
Nate 6/19 12:00 PM: FB RT C’ he is right you know
C’ 6/19 12:07 PM: FB RT Nate I know. And I would pay it but the problem is this, the tickets = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ And I don't think RR is happy about that. I realize that $75 is a very cheep trip to Disney world but yeah...
RR 6/19 1:02 PM: FB is going to Disnery World! (tomorrow.)
Pb 6/19 4:16 PM: Mess C’ I’m going to nap for an hour or so.
Robin 6/19 5:34 PM: FB RT RR YOU BETCH!
Manda 6/19 5:43 PM: FB RT RR AWSUM
Jeff 6/19 5:46 AM FB to RR hey you. i hope you have fun tomorrow/today.
C’ 6/19 9:32 AM: FB Guess whos going to disney world.
Pb 6/20 6:25 AM: Mess Ron I can text while driving 80:-O Arghhhhhhhhh!
Jeff 6/20 6:46 AM: FB to RR Hey you. I hope you have fun tomorrow/today.
Pb 6/20 10:40 AM: Mess C’ Daisy Lot 31
Pb 6/20 10:48 AM: Mess JDR The alarm was set wrong. So we’re an hour late. There’s a heat warning and OH! NO! Wally World is CLOSED! :-O(
JDR 6/20 10:50 AM: RT Pb How about Ringling Brothers Museum that’s inside. It’s art, not circus.
Pb 6/20 10:57 AM: RT JDR Wha? :-?( The second line of the day and we’re not even in the part yet. 
JDR 6/20 10:58 AM: RT Pb So it is open. Stay cool. Wear your hat.
Pb 6/20 11:09 AM: RT JDR I feel like I’m part of some religious experience. You can feel the excitement of the children. A few children are in wheel chairs.
JDR 6/20 11:12 AM: RT Pb Autistic kids are usually fixated on Disney characters and Thomas the Tank Engine… Just put your hands on the mouse ears…
C’ 6/20 11:23 PM: Mess Pb Hey I think we lost you.
Pb 6/20 11:24 AM: RT C’ Yep! That was quick. I’m still near the parade.
C’ 6/20 11:25 AM: RT Pb So are we. I still see you. I’m across the small lake.
Pb 6/20 11:31 AM: Mess JDR God is it hot! C’ is wearing jeans. RR and I are telling her to dump the jeans ASAP. But she is intensely happy. 
JDR 6/20 11:35 am: RT Pb Don't care, two choices, buy sizzers and cut them or procure shorts,skirt or scrubs for her. She will not be able to get the water in fast enough in jeans.
JDR 6/20 11:37 am: RT Pb At the price of Disney world water short probably would be cheaper than keeping booboo hydrated. :-D
JDR 6/20 11:38 am: RT Pb Hydrated in jeans that is...
Pb 6/20 12:01 PM: RT JDR We're trying 2 persuade her 2 get a Grateful Dead skirt. She's afraid it will fall off:-O
JDR 6/20 12:03 PM: RT Pb Do they have a smaller size? The waist a draw string?
Pb 6/20 12:04 PM: RT JDR She's just enjoying t attention
JDR 6/20 12:05 PM: RT Pb She’s beautiful she better get used to it
Pb 6/20 12:22 PM: Mess JDR We're in line, waiting 4 Goofy. :o)
Pb 6/20 12:53 PM: Mess JDR The little prude. 1 of t clerks told her 2 buy a pair of shorts if she's worried ~ it.:-))
Pb 6/20 12:53 PM: Mess JDR They've lost me 4 t 2nd time 2day.
JDR 6/20 12:55 PM: RT Pb Better have a meeting place and time them!
Pb 6/20 1:02 PM: Mess JDR C' found a wrap. I think they R changing now. I need some sox:-(
Pb 6/20 1:30 PM: Mess C’ Where are you?
C’ 6/20 1:32 PM: RT Pb In front of the castle. Well, the statue of Mickey and Disney.
Pb 6/20 1:37 PM: RT C’ Okay
Pb 6/20 1:54 PM: Mess JDR RR just ran off 2 C Buzz Lightyear. Should I run after her or keep my eye on C'?:-((
Pb 6/20 2:47 PM: Mess JDR Children R melting B4 my eyes.;-)
JDR 6/20 2:50 PM: RT Pb The colors are beautiful but what are they?
Pb 6/20 3:05 PM: RT JDR Coffee mugs. Big coffee mugs. If I C them again I'll take a closeup.
Pb 6/20 3:06 PM: Mess JDR Remember finding t princess Haloween costume in t attic? C' is in heaven. Every shop has those costumes. & we're @ t Disney Princess meet site now:-D
JDR 6/20 3:07 PM: Lol
Pb 6/20 3:08 PM: Oh! Oh! I just discovered t complete Disney Princess collectables set:-O
JDR 6/20 3:09 PM: No! We do not have room!
Pb 6/20 3:10 PM: Mess C’ Where are you?
C’ 6/20 3:16 PM: RT Pb I’m in line to see the princesses. Be (back) there soon. Stay there.
Pb 6/20 3:16 PM: RT C’ I want to take pictures.
C’ 6/20 3:18 PM: I’m sorry but we are at the front of the line. Don’t worry there will be at least three photos.
Pb 6/20 4:13 PM: Mess JDR We have finished all our provisions. Weaker members of t troop R falling aside as t dreadful march continues. T heat is intense & children R Bing dragged thru
JDR 6/20 4:15 PM: RT Pb Look for the frozen mouse ears....
Pb 6/20 4:16 PM: Mess JDR this hell on earth, their Ariel & Jasmine costumes falling fm their shoulders. It is inhuman. What alien intelligence runs us thru this mouse maze & 4 what diabolical purpose?
JDR 6/20 4:17 PM: RT Pb Money!
JDR 6/20 4:17 PM: RT Pb Money!
Pb 6/20 4:20 PM: Mess JDR T only thing that would make this even more unreal is if C' & RR had both dressed as Disney Princess':-O
JDR 6/20 4:21 PM: RT Pb It's da heat...
Pb 6/20 4:24 PM: RT JDR No. The woman 2 t rite w/her girl friends sweating & t woman 2 my left who appears 2 B wearing just a um... Not sure what it is but it's revealing. That's t ht
JDR 6/20 4:25 PM: RT Pb The happiest place on earth?
Pb 6/20 4:36 PM: RT JDR Yep:-D
Pb 6/20 4:45 PM: Mess JDR After a few happy seconds trying 2 determine what sort of sea shell Ariel wears 4 a top, we continue thru t list of Disney Princess' to Snow White. Wait is she Royalty?:-/
Pb 6/20 5:03 PM: Mess Ron Okay. We'R in It's a Small World. This better not B another lame Disney ride:-p
Pb 6/20 5:04 PM: Mess Ron I'm already getting an ear worm fm that fuckin' song>:-)
Pb 6/20 5:08 PM: Mess Ron I'll bet there is a correlation between people being exposed 2 this music & t incidence of serial murder:-((
Pb 6/20 5:12 PM: Mess Ron OMG it's a GAY ride!
Pb 6/20 5:14 PM: Mess Ron It's over... NO THERE'S MORE:-O
Pb 6/20 5:16 PM: Mess Ron I'm delusional. T horror... T horror...
Pb 6/20 5:21 PM: Mess Ron my best friend has sent on a drug requiring trip thru t ugly sewer known as It's a Small World @ Disney World. My brain struggles w/t implications of t betrayal
Pb 6/20 5:57 PM: Mess JDR These 2 R having an argument ~ Pinnochio. RR wants an adult version. C' is defending t Disney version.
Ron 6/20 8:06 PM: RT Pb Its a world of laughter, a world of tears. Its a world of homoerotic fears. You can run, you can hide, but we're always inside. Its a small, small world.
C’ 6/20 10:13 PM: FB Most magical day in the sun ever.
JDR 6/20 11:20 PM: Mess Pb Love you
Pb 6/21 12:08 AM: RT JDR Sorry that happened 2 U.:-( I get t feeling I'm partly 2 blame as I'm here, not there. T hostel is a bit rougher than I like. Upper bunk of a dorm rm w/7 other guys. It's hot & stinky already. 2 days & we should B bak. Luv ya':-x
JDR 6/21 12:10 AM: RT Pb Sleep as well as you can, love ya
Pb 6/21 12:19 AM: RT Ron Nooooooo! U bastard!
Pb 6/21 9:07 AM: Mess to C’ I’m up. Let me shower and get human again. Do you need the car key?
C’ 6/21 9:20 AM: RT Pb No I don’t think so. Did you need shampoo?
JDR 6/21 9:39 AM: Mess Pb Happy fathers day! Love you:-x
Pb 6/21 9:48 AM: RT C’ I’m Okay.
C’ 6/21 9:49 AM: RT Pb Good. I’m having pancakes.
RR 6/21 10:25 AM: FB RR is in a Pirate themed hostel. Rawk. Heading home today, but probably back tomorrow night.
C’ 6/21 10:39 AM: RT Pb RR wants to know if we are leaving soon.
Ryan C 6/21 11:38 AM: FB RT RR where is this pirate themed hostel you speak of?
Pb 6/21 12:00 PM: Mess JDR I found my eye shades
Pb 6/21 12:18 PM: Mess JDR T plan is 2 drive 2 a hostel near Asheville, NC 2day. Then home 2morrow.
JDR 6/21 12:20 PM: RT Pb Good morning! That is going to be one long day of driving. How did the night go at the hostel?
Pb 6/21 12:21 PM: Mess C’ RR just went the wrong way.
Pb 6/21 12:23 PM: RT JDR It was better in t lite of day. T other guys said there was someone who snored so loud they had 2 stay in t Common Room last nite, but I slept ok, didn't notice
Ron 6/21 12:24 PM: RT Pb Second verse, unlike the first. I'm Henry the eighth I am Henry the eighth I am I am. I got married to the widow next door, she'd been married seven times...
JDR 6/21 12:25 PM: RT Pb Wonder who it could have been? RR? C’? Not our little flowers.
Pb 6/21 12:27 PM: RT JDR No, someone in t guy dorm
JDR 6/21 12:29 PM: RT Pb Not you....
ARY 6/21 12:43 PM: FB to C’ I am so happy! It sounds like you had a great time. You and RR and your father all look a little "magically" sunburned or maybe just a little rosy from the heat. Have fun. Comeback ready to work.
C’ 6/21 4:42 PM: RT ARY Oh you are just so clever.
Pb 6/21 5:46 PM: Mess JDR SC
Pb 6/21 9:07 PM: Mess JDR Nc:-)
JDR 6/21 9:08 PM: RT Pb Smokey mts?
Pb 6/21 10:21 PM: RT JDR yep. We're @ t hostel.
JDR 6/21 10:22 PM: Mess Pb I' to bed soon, hope the hostel is nice
Pb 6/21 10:22 PM: Mess C’ I take it you two are being anti-social?
C’ 6/21 11:12 PM: RT Pb We sure are.
Pb 6/21 11:13 PM: RT C’ It’s safe now, everyone has left.
C’ 6/21 11:14 PM: RT Pb Oh Okay. Thank you.
Pb 6/22 10:53 AM: Mess JDR heading home. ~ 12 hrs:-)
C’ 6/22 2:24 PM: Mess FB Just passed a bunch of clouds forming a funnel in Tennessee, and its raining a lot.
Pb 6/22 2:18 PM: Mess JDR Ky
JDR 6/22 3:01 PM: Mess Pb Where are you? :-/
Pb 6/22 3:04 PM: RT JDR Ky
Kay 6/22 4:21 PM: FB RT C’ Yikes! Run! Hide!
Nate 6/22 6:01 PM: FB RT C’ That’s probably that storm passed through here two or three days ago. Said he was goin' ta go look for sum action down south. Guess e' found what he was looking for... storm like that... some times you just don't know do'ya???
Pb 6/22 6:30 PM: Mess JDR IN. ~ 5 hrs fm home now.:-)
JDR 6/22 6:59 PM: Mess Pb Where are you? :-/
Pb 6/22 6:58 PM: RT JDR Indianapolis. ~ 180 mi left?
JDR 6/22 8:18 PM: Mess Pb Where are you? :-/
C’ 6/22 8:25 PM: FB RT Nate Ok. So RR and I were talking about this... Are you personifying the storm?
Pb 6/22 8:45 PM: RT JDR We've stopped 4 a dinner break in Lebanon.
JDR 6/22 8:46 PM: RT Pb Have the club....
Pb 6/22 8:47 PM: RT JDR I've been here B4. I'm inside my old territory now.
JDR 6/22 8:47 PM: RT Pb That's scary
Pb 6/22 8:48 PM: RT JDR No. Finally get home soon:-)
JDR 6/22 8:48 PM: RT Pb How long?
JDR 6/22 10:10 PM: Mess Pb I'm trying to wait up but I keep falling asleep. How far or long?
Pb 6/22 10:47 PM: RT JDR Gassing up in Hammond. 4 all practical purposes, we're in Chicago.:-p
C’ 6/22 11:20 PM: I think something is wrong with the facebook on my phone.

C’ took the Which Disney Movie Is Your Life Most Like? quiz and the result is Alice in Wonderland

Often you find yourself daydreaming about what life could be like for you, and sometimes are very negative about the outcome. You have a wild imagination and people love how creative you are. At times your life can seem very complicated and making decisions is difficult for you. Just keep in mind that dreaming about life is not going to make it go anywhere, and you are only going to achieve success if you work for it.
RR 6/23 12:08 AM: FB RT Ryan It was in St. Augustine, FL.
RR 6/23 12:09 AM: FB homehomehomehomehomehomehome
Pb 6/23 12:42 AM: Mess JDR HOME: 3267 mi
Pb 6/23 10:26 AM: Mess JDR I'm going bak 2 bed. TIRED!
JDR 6/23 10:33 AM: RT Pb Poor baby!
JDR 6/26 12:24 PM: Mess Pb Where did you go?
Pb 6/26 12:25 PM: RT JDR I'm finally unloading t car
JDR 6/26 12:26 PM: RT Pb Lol!